This Rusty American Dream

I told a little fib, I suppose. I ended up having time to work on a blog post during the field school. I’ve once again posted it through Archaeology Southwest’s blog. I’ll drop the link here in a second. This one’s a bit more substantive than some of my previous ones, not wordy, not academic, not jargony, it just delves a little bit deeper into what archaeology and anthropology mean to me and hopefully I’ve written it (or at least I’ve tried to) so that if you’re not an anthropologist or an archaeologist, you can get a sense for some of the things we think about on a fairly regular basis. I’m pretty excited about this one as it actually wraps up 3 of the 4 topics that I wanted On Man and Machine to focus on: archaeology, anthropology (which for me these are really the same), and old cars. So read up!

One thought on “This Rusty American Dream

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