On the nature of graffiti, rock art, and creepytings

As some of you may know, I’ve had a varied life, which I feel has positively affected my career. Most people who know me, either personally or professionally, know that my research interests have certainly been fueled by my personal experiences. In a career that can often be dry, this is pretty necessary (and most folks I know are similarly engaged) or else you risk burning out. Anyways, one of my colleagues at Archaeology Southwest, Kate Sarther Gann, asked me for my opinion on the creepytings vandalism across the Western national parks. I think I may have given her a bit more than she was expecting, but I appreciated her asking me as many of the responses to these paintings in the wild had been bothering me partially because of my past experiences with people engaged in street and performance art. These two part blog on Archaeology Southwest is me trying to explain why.


One thought on “On the nature of graffiti, rock art, and creepytings

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