Bloody knuckles and grease

My jeep has been in dire need of servicing and multiple repairs while I’ve been finishing up my dissertation.

I only cried a little.

Actually, all of our household vehicles are (the motorcycle, jeep, and hatchback). Along with the pile-up of house work/repairs that I need to do, I’ll probably be spending all of my free time until my post-doc runs out in July working on those (as well as job apps). Since I also need to catch up on daddy-daughter time, I’ll be bringing the girls in to help out. They’ve done this before and are generally REALLY interested and excited for about 10 to 20 minutes.

maya car 1
This is Maya helping me out.
These are their “super excited two hours ago and just kind of worn out now” faces.

Then they wander off. Now that I’ve taught them how to play Bloody Knuckles, though, they come back pretty quickly. I have no idea why that game has caught on, but they love smashing my fist.

Anyways, one of the many things I needed to do on my jeep was replace the hub assembly. Badly. It was trashed.

Hub Assembly Madness: Tell Your Children

It’s not a particularly fun job, but I mostly wasn’t looking forward to doing it because the assembly can often get fused to the axle and the hub nut itself can sometimes be insanely difficult to remove. At least I’ve been told. I’d never done this before. I actually lucked out and the assembly wasn’t fused. The hub nut was insanely difficult. Standing and jumping on the breaker bar wasn’t doing it and my impact wrench wasn’t working either (this was after I’d sprayed some liquid wrench on the hub nut to loosen it up, too). Once I started to use my primate brain though, it went pretty quickly. I just used a very long cheater bar on the breaker bar for leverage and I got the nut removed.

6 foot cheater bar on my breaker bar.

It all came off relatively easily. The clouds decided to help and cover the sun (I guess the goat sacrifice worked. Sorry goat.).


Basically, I was happy to get that hub assembly changed out. And I was happy to have not gotten stuck in the middle of it. Now I have to pull the blower cowl and replace the heater core that just got a large leak last week.


So what’s the bigger point of this, you ask? There isn’t one. Or at least I don’t have one, but I’m sure someone could find one. I just wanted to check in and say hi to everyone. That’s about it.

Also, here’s a picture of the Cadillac of mudders. Literally. The caddy isn’t mine, but I was pretty excited when I saw it down here in Tucson. Especially because it has Minnesota plates and I really like thinking about driving that thing across country. Now to make that thing truly off-road and uncouple it’s reliance on gas by putting some photovoltaic cells on it.


Ah, heck. Since I like you all so much, here’s a picture of a truck bed full of mannequins that I saw on the road down here too.


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