Wild Honey and a Skull; Port-a-potty and a Bovine Innominate


I found wild honey in a skull,

And it was strange and beautiful

To see the golden rout of bees

Bound for the farthest apple trees.

I said, “These are his dreams that go

To every field where blossoms blow,

And here is nectar that the brain

May search a life-time and in vain.

The bees make music and sweet sound

One scarce encounters underground.

I hope the bees, when I must fall,

Will make wild honey in my skull.”

         – Sterling North 1937, “I Found Wild Honey in a Skull”

But really it was a complete bovine innominate (i.e. hips/pelvis) I had run across while doing a reconnaissance survey of an area where we were going to take field school students out to train. I set it in the honeypot, I mean port-a-potty, cause those complete cattle hips always remind me of giant, Pan’s Labyrinth-esque, bone butterfly skulls. I’m not sure who ran into this in a dark port-a-potty at night, but it was moved the next morning. The students were whispering to themselves and looking over at the staff a lot. There were whispers of a skull.

I think Sterling would approve.

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