Last year’s Archaeology Southwest International Day of Archaeology blogs

To follow up on this year’s International Day of Archaeology #IDA2016, here is the blog roll from Archaeology Southwest’s #IDA2015 participation. The archaeologists and staff at Archaeology Southwest each wrote how they ended up in the discipline. Unsurprisingly for those who know an archaeology, for most, it was not a straight path from “as a child I always wanted to be an archaeologist” to “professional archaeologist”. Mine is on 10/12/2015 and is titled, How Bad Poetry Can Lead to a Career in Archaeology, if you are so inclined.

Here they are:

10/17/2015 Happy International Archaeology Day!

10/17/2015 Fortuities

10/16/2015 How a Sense of Place Made Sense of the Past

10/16/2015 I Found Nothing

10/15/2015 The Perfect Field

10/15/2015 Deep Roots and Archaeological Obsession

10/14/2015 From Arrowhead Hunter to Archaeologist

10/14/2015 Fateful Bananas

10/13/2015 The People

10/13/2015 A Long and Winding Road

10/12/2015 How Bad Poetry Can Lead to a Career in Archaeology

10/11/2016 Other Archaeologists

10/10/2016 The Making of a Preservation Archaeologist

10/9/2015 The Reluctant Archaeologist and Archaeology as a Gateway

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