If Your History is Simple, It’s Probably Wrong

Another excellent (yep, I’m biased) blog post. This one by Institute for Field Research (IFR) #GLoH2019 field school student Olivia Ellard. Enjoy! And please share. That really helps drive our students voices forward.

“Single stories in archaeology are perpetuated by an increasing gap between information available to research academics and information easily available to the general public. In the process of making information publicly accessible, it is boiled down to the simplest and most interesting terms, thus loosing essential components of research that are essential for complex understandings. A single story of Indigenous American archaeology reiterates the single story of native peoples on this continent. It is a story born out of oppression and violence, and one that continues to negatively impact communities to this day. Although difficult, it is not impossible to change the story. A better public understanding of research disciplines such as archaeology would allow for more broader and more inclusive discussions, helping to eliminate the single story as well as educate a wider scope of society.”



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