A Hen’s Song

Another #GloH2019 post is up! This is another unessay, this time by one of our TAs during the Institute for Field Research session. Nina is examining Gallina artistry on rock art, murals, and ceramics for her MA and wrote us an awesome folk song about her research and Gallina archaeology in general. Listen and share!


Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials and the destruction of cultural heritage

I just finished writing a blog post about an incident that happened a couple days ago. I won’t write too much about it here since it’s been picked up by the Huffington Post. This post is basically to just tie in with everyone who follows my blog so that they can check it out. Essentially, a blog I wrote for Archaeology Southwest ended up migrating to Huffington Post. You can check out the Archaeology Southwest version here and the Huffington Post version here. Anyways, thanks to Kate Gann for letting me delve into some sensitive topics on this one.

Exploring the Edge of Salado Photo Blog pt. 3

Another blog is up from me on Archaeology Southwest’s page. This is really a compilation of many of the social networking posts that I put up during the two and a half months of my dissertation fieldwork. It’s prepping for the final blog post that will be up in a week or so.  Check it out here. Enjoy!

Tanque Verde Brown and the Temper of Sand

Another blog post from yours truly, through Archaeology Southwest. It’s a little something for all of you lovers of Indiana Jones, archaeology, and prehistoric pottery. Check it out and share if you enjoy it. Next up will be a blog post on running, anthropology, and archaeology. Stay tuned!



The Archaeologists’ Gaze

Another blog is up. I’m still linking in through the Archaeology Southwest website and I will probably be doing so for the foreseeable future.

This new blog is all about how, at some level, we all view the world the way archaeologists do.

Please read and feel free to share! It’s pretty short, won’t take more than a few minutes to read and should be of interest to most of you. At least I hope it will . . . <crickets chirping>